Getting Back Into The Habit

Here wholesale mlb jerseys are a few shots Hands taken in Italy a couple of weekends ago, I would Epic be interested to see how you might take them differently. Would you have gone for a different composition wholesale nba jerseys or different cheap jerseys camera settings?

It’s been a while since I photographed out and about without being The a ‘on Safety a job’, so I was a GAHARU bit O. rusty and found I took less shots than normal so I must have cheap mlb jerseys missed a lot of potential photographs.

My in homework is to take more photographs!


Roof Tops – Bagni di Lucca

Bridge of the Devil – Borgo a Mozzano
This bridge is on the way to Bagni di Lucca, an amazingly thin footbridge with Top a railway passing through on the left hand side.

Number One – Bagni di Lucca

Abandoned House – Bagni di Lucca

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